Sky Squadron is a concept for a turn based cartoon aerial combat game. Players take command of their Sky Squadron and pit their pilots in strategic battles for aerial superiority. Protect your Helicarrier, arm your squadron to the teeth, and blow up your enemies!

The assets for this game were developed for Vis 311: Visual Development for Social Media Games at the Academy of Art University during the Spring 2013 semester.

Early development started with simply trying to create "cartoony" looking isometric fighter plane stuff. Although this yielded cool looking stuff, the designs were stiff and boring. It wasn't until I started looking into old UPA animation studio designs that I began to unlock a more unique feel for the game. The slideshow below shows a progression from the earliest work on Sky Squadron up to the redesign of characters incorporating a UPA design influence.

After getting a better feel for the direction I wanted to take the art in, I returned to the drawing board. By emphasizing interesting and fun silhouettes rather than anatomy or structure, I was able to create much looser and more playful designs.